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A little initiative goes a long way
A business, large or small should be mutually beneficial to it's customers if it is to succeed.  Honesty, hard work, appreciation of the efforts of others and willingness to fill needs are the driving forces of these ventures.

Native of N.O.,La. 
Many of the websites & blogs formerly merged into the main sites no longer exist.  Therefore the main site is being reconstructed. Products & services will be added and new links will be given after the sites are rewritten and recoded.

Thank you for your patience during the business transitions.

Planned features:

-Game reviews
-Search engine
-Projected services
-Links to: News, Weather
-News & weather
-Computer Tips
-Meet the Artist
-Meet the Poet
-Music Tributes-Music Videos
- more

This domain registered December 29, 2005 to Debra Ford
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